Andrew and Doug in Bangkok January 2000
Andrew and Doug in Paris March 2001
Andrew and Doug in Paris - Panaromic - March 2001
Andrew and Doug San Francisco August 2002
Andrew and DougNew York November 2002
Andrew and Doug Seattle December 2003
Andrew and Doug Seattle Panoramic December 2003
Andrew and Doug's Road Trip New Orleans May 2007
Andrew and Misty Rome Italy March 2007
Andrew's Graduation June 2005
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One of my most important worldly possessions is not something you can pick up and put in your pocket. It was time with my step-son, Andrew. Kind, interesting, and inquisitive, Andrew is also autistic.

When he was eleven, he had difficulty at school and lacked motivation for both homework and household chores. In different ways, he conveyed his desire to study and learn about different countries of the world (their currency, governments, etc.). So I came up with a plan (really more of a bargain), world travel.

If he did his homework and household chores for a month without being reminded, we would travel to some far-off destination. This agreement did not make him non-autistic. He still suffered from his challenges, but it helped his motivation level and he made remarkable improvement.

That year Andrew and I went to Beijing, China. The following year we went to London. Every year after that we went to a new destination: Paris, Hong Kong, Bangkok, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, and many places within driving distance of Minneapolis. Amateur photographer became one of my monikers and our family website is loaded with pictures from our trips.

All this travel really developed Andrew as a person and made me a far better father. I gained a better understanding of how the core tasks of parenthood (unconditional love, discipline, teaching, and building self-esteem) lead our children towards reaching their potential.

Andrew is in his mid-thirty's now, living independently, working part-time, and leading a happy and productive life.
And still an avid traveler!

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